In the last five years, my professional consulting journey has taken me to different places while introducing me to competent and incompetent academic leaders in India. It has offered me a new perspective in the administration and management of teaching-learning processes, the way how HEIs are managed unscientifically by unscrupulous academicians. It is unnerving experience for me whenever I think about future graduates and budding professionals of this culturally diverse and vast country. 
As a professional consultant, I am really shocked to hear the kind of demands made by the directors, deans, principals, chairpersons of self-financing HEIs. To KISS (Keep It Simple and Short), all that I can conclude is ethics has become irrelevant for HEIs. Data falsification to gain accreditation or any industry certifications, indulging in plagiarism to get PhDs, and publishing crap articles in predatory journals is a norm rather than exception in India.
However, my positivism and optimism gives me a hope in the collapsing higher education system in India or elsewhere. If there are any few Indian HEIs’ leaders who wish to conduct themselves ethically, we would be very glad to help them in their sincere endeavours. Please get in touch with us to discuss ethical challenges.