Last few days the world has been a different place to live. There are many of us working day and night to help contain the virus and some of us have not much to do.  Busy life, as we have known it for so many years, has come to a standstill. The current situation, I am sure most will agree with me has been a boon and bane.


At one end, while maintaining social distancing, it has brought members of the family much closer than ever, whereas at the other end, many people may be left clueless with how to spend the time productively. The reason being, we have been so busy with our 24/7 work, we never took out time to explore additional avenues for keeping ourselves engaged.


The quarantine, as is happening now has influenced our dietary habits significantly. It is no doubt bringing members of the family together, but it is also affecting our food habits in more than one way. This is high time to reflect and make necessary changes in our diet. While working relentlessly hours together, we never paid much attention to what we ate and now with the time on our hand, we may be indulging in overeating.


Since the day, work-from-home and / or quarantine began, I have been observing on many social media platforms (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook) people posting pictures and videos of their culinary skills! Unfortunately, most of it is found unhealthy. It is good to see that we are cooking and eating at home more than before. So take time to learn quick and healthy recipes, which could be used even after this crisis ends. This is the right time to straighten our timetable, to ensure good health for years to come.


Boredom, locked down, work-from-home gives an easy access to unhealthy foods and most of the time leads to binge eating. During these difficult times, food is increasingly being used as a soother. For many of us hunger for food is just a need to fill the gap and boredom. Suddenly, our health and lifestyle have become least priorities for many people.  Nevertheless, overeating needs restraining to help us stay fit and healthy, and improve our immune system.


The following simple tips may be useful for the people struggling with diet related issues of quarantine / work-from-home.

  1. Pay attention to your physical activity (e.g. balcony/terrace walks, floor exercises, yoga, and treadmill).
  2. Keep handy healthy munchies as nuts, veggies and fruits, and all time favourite yogurts.
  3. Learn recipes that will help curb your cravings and at the same time add no burden to health.
  4. Plan your meal and snack times (fixed time and quantity).
  5. Find ways to curtail boredom while identifying the triggers for cravings.
  6. Limit on intake of beverages containing sugar.
  7. Make sure you stay well hydrated – drink plenty of water, and other low calorie – low sugar fluids.
  8. Ensure your kitchen is devoid of any kind of junk or unhealthy foods. Instead, stock on nuts, seeds, roasted chickpeas, cheese, smoothies, yogurt, and other relevant food items.

You may try the following healthy and tasty recipe.



  1. Banana or Apple    1 large
  2. Almonds                 5-6
  3. Yogurt/ Curd           1 cup
  4. Ice                          4-5 cubes
  5. Coconut milk          ½ cup

Combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth, and your smoothie is ready to relish! Remember, smoothie is a good alternative for breakfast.


I will keep sharing other recipes regularly on this digital platform. Therefore, you may please keep a watch for the latest information.  


We at Chinmayi Research and Consulting would be happy to assist all those who want to be free from obesity and its consequences. We regularly conduct supermarket tours to cut through confusing health claims, fad diets and misleading nutrition advice. Discover how to make best choices. Please get in touch with us to have a thorough virtual consultation while enjoying the luxury of your home!


Stay Healthy, Stay Safe….


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