• Corporate Nutrition & Wellness

  • Infant & Maternal Nutrition

  • Nutrition in the Elderly

  • Food Allergies, Intolerance

  • Supermarket or Grocery Store Tours


If you would like to discuss how Chinmayi Research and Consulting could help you address your challenges and add value to your ethical endeavours and life to years, you may please contact us. We will be very glad to work with you to determine the best way forward.

Nutrition Consulting Services

Initial / Review Consultation


Pre-consultation Assessment: Email questionnaire
Initial Consultation: 60 min
Review Consultation: 30 min

Supermarket Tours or Grocery Store Tours

Initial / Follow-up Tours


Pre-tour Assessment: Email Questionnaire
Initial Supermarket Tour: 60 – 75 min
Follow-up Supermarket Tour: 30 – 45 min
Min.  2 persons/tour; Max.  5 persons/tour 
Consulting Fee Schedule*
  • Indian Residents: INR 500 (Initial Consultation), INR 250 (Review Consultation)
  • Overseas Residents: AUD 35 (Initial Consultation), AUD 20 (Review Consultation) 


Supermarket Tour Fee Schedule*

  • Indian Residents (In-person / Virtual): INR 300 (Initial Tour), INR 200 (Follow-up Tour)
  • Overseas Residents (Virtual): AUD 20 (Initial Tour), AUD 15 (Follow-up Tour)




*This is only a standard fee. It varies from case to case. Everything is based on how we can help you in attaining nutrition outcomes. So, our consulting fee is based on the analytical findings of pre-consultation.