We are a dedicated team of professionals with a combined experience of more than 40 years. Although our experience offers valuable perspectives, we don’t engage in armchair consulting! Our research findings and/or advise or recommendations are solely based on rigorous analysis of meticulously gathered data and information.
Our capacity to handle tough challenges from a perspective of multiple disciplines drawn from a diverse professional experience is a key strength that we bring to every valuable client while acknowledging and celebrating the differences. 
In the coming years, Chinmayi Research and Consulting is expecting to build up a strong track record across a wide range of sectors in the Asia-pacific, Oceania, North America, and Europe regions. However, we believe that “small is wonderful” and therefore we wish to be a boutique multi-disciplinary consultancy!!! 
To offer ethically driven evidence-based / evidence-informed consulting solutions.

When we first established our consultancy in North Brisbane (Sydney Street Clayfield QLD Australia) on the 8th Day of December 2011, our clear focus was to offer the right advice, a wonderful experience and exceptionally good results to our clients in the field of management research and consulting. Over a period of time, we have shifted our service offerings from a single discipline to multiple disciplines while gaining differential competitive advantage. 

Since 2012 (that is, post relocation to India), we are helping organisations predominantly in the areas of design and implementation of change management plans, transformation of organisational culture, design or redesign and developing performance management systems, and conducting CI and customer experience research studies.

In the allied health care sector, we are mainly engaged in research & consulting activities on dietetics & nutrition. 


Our Team

Santosh B M

                    PhD (ACU, Australia)
Founder, Organisational Change Facilitator & Research Consultant

Mamata A H

                   M.Sc (Dietetics & FSM, BU)

Consultant Dietitian & Nutritionist

(Certified Diabetes Educator)


Santosh is a transnational professional consultant specialised in facilitating Change Management, Competitive Intelligence and Customer Experience Research. He has more than 20 years of experience in assisting leaders, managers and their teams at all levels of management for achieving performance excellence through applied business ethics and integrated innovation strategiesHe has a collaborative research-consulting experience of working across multiple time zone differences with a globally distributed, culturally diverse and a multilinguistic clientele.


His diversified career spans across a wide range of functions including consulting (both as an external and internal consultant), research (academic & commercial business), strategic planning & change leadership, business development, learning-teaching-training (classroom & online) and professional development, marketing, sales & distribution in multiple industries (viz. universities, airlines, rail and bus transport, agricultural processing, automotive, consumer electronics and durables, personal care, manufacturing, and machine tools) in the developed, developing and least developed regions of the world (viz. Australia, India and Bhutan).


Although, his core areas of consulting practice include change management, competitive intelligence, and customer experience, he facilitates his clients in other areas such as entrepreneurial innovation, strategic business development, creating and capturing uncontested markets, development of strategic and business plans, designing effective KPIs, development of IP & intellectual capital, conducting market demand analysis for MSMEs and CPDPs. He has a substantial experience in designing, leading and implementing a wide range of institutional growth & development strategies, and re-positioning initiatives at HEIs. This includes design, development and implementation of change management strategies, curriculum reconceptualisation, commercialisation of research, and investigation of research misconduct. 


He is professionally trained to conduct brand audit, customer experience audit and sales training audit in the retail industry. He is also a chartered engineer registered with The Institution of Engineers (India). His current or past professional affiliations include ASME (USA), IMC (Australia), IML Australia (erstwhile AIM), AHRI, PMA (UK), AIMA (India), and IIPE (India).


Santosh holds a PhD in Business Studies (with a specialisation in managing organisational downsizing) from Australian Catholic University, Brisbane.


Mamata is a Consultant Dietitian & Nutritionist with more than 20 years of experience in clinical dietetics (specialised in diabetes management, assessing patients’ dietary requirements, developing & implementing dietary plans, lifestyle intervention), food service management, community health-care, infant & maternal nutrition, nutrition in the elderly, weight management, and corporate nutrition & wellness


Her professional competency spans across a wide range of functions including allied health-care leadership (as a Chief Dietitian), diet counselling (both in-person and online counselling) for local and overseas patients, clinical research, diabetes education, awareness and training, volunteering in community health-care services, supervision of food service, and vendor management across multiple industries (viz. super-specialty hospitals & clinics, community-based organisations, and a Australian MNC bank) in the developed and developing regions of the world (viz. Australia, India). She is a visiting consultant at reputable diabetes clinics, hospitals and research centers across India. She has been associated with a charity based hospital (SAMATVAM) for more than two decades.

Mamata is a Life Member of Indian Dietetics Association (IDA) and holds GCP certificate (Good Clinical Practice) from Quintiles Transnational-USA, Duke Clinical Research Institute-USA, and National Institute of Health-USA. She has also done observership at Mater Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. She is invited frequently to speak on diabetes management and corporate wellness at meetings, seminars, conferences and community health-care awareness sessions hosted by MNCs and community based organisations operating across a wide range of industry sectors. 


She regularly conducts supermarket tours (or nutritional grocery store tours) and nutrition education programs for shoppers to help them in leading a healthy life.


Mamata holds a M.Sc in Dietetics and Food Service Management from Bangalore University, India.